Hello families,

Welcome back to the daily logs. Today will be a little more detailed of a log. To give new parents a chance to understand what I do with the kids through the day.

Today was very smoky so we stayed indoors. After breakfast the kids sat down and talked about their evenings and then we went through the calendar, color and letter of the day.

We then did Library time. This is a new part of the day that I have implemented over the last few weeks. Where I give this kids access to a tupperware container filled with weekly new Library books for the kids.

We then read a few stories. Froggy learns to swim, Olivia takes a trip, Fancy Nancy and the mermaid ballet, You are what you eat.

After that we cranked on trolls music and the girls dressed up and they had a dance party with the little kids.

They then did some drawings

After that we had snack

After snack they played with Play-Doh and then had some free time

And then we started to get ready for naptime. This includes everybody getting a drink of water all the little ones get their face hands washed and diapers changed. The big kids get set up on the couch with books while let the little ones play with blocks, while I set up the sleeping areas. Once the little ones are down in the playpens and all set up with their individual soothers blankets and comfort toys the big kids take turns going to the washroom and getting settled into their sleeping bags.

Once everybody is asleep I do the daily log, clean up the daycare space, reply to texts and emails from Interior Health and parents, eat my own lunch, and then I make the kids lunch and set it on the table and start getting the kids up.

Typically everybody sleeps for two hours. From 2-2:30pm. Once the kids start getting up I put them right into the high chairs bibs on or the big kids set up after they have washed their hands from nap time.

Everybody eats while I put away the sleeping equipment.

When everyone has eaten they’ll take turns in the washroom cleaning hands washing faces going to the washroom and diaper changes. After that I cleaned up the table and put everything away.

This afternoon I am thinking I will set up a tent for them that I make out of blankets and the table. It’s very entertaining for all ages I have flashlights as well for them to explore with in the tent area.

The post will normally not be this long. I thought the first few times I would explain in-depth how our day goes. Normally I would not talk about the cleaning, diaper changes, what I do during naptime… extra.

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with whole wheat buttered toast and slices of oranges

Snack time was broccoli and cauliflower with a sour cream veggie dip. I also made all the kids Smoothies that had spinach banana mixed berries Blended

At lunch time we will have tuna and cheese wraps.

It wasn’t able to take many photos today however I will add ones that I take this afternoon to tomorrow’s posts.