Good afternoon families

Yesterday was I really different day. I had a number of issues with the kids and therefore we did not get outside for the entire day. I followed the regular schedule in regards to sleeping and eating but besides that we stayed indoors played games and tried to make the best of the day.

Today turned out to be much better. After breakfast this morning we did our circle time and then headed right outside. The kids did everything from making a snowman to having snowball flights and playing on the sleeds.

We stayed outside a little later than usual until 11, all the kids were in great spirits and I wanted to keep it going.

After that we haeded inside for a snack and nap time.

After nap time we’ll have lunch and see if I’m able to get them back outdoors again.

Today for breakfast was scrambled eggs whole wheat toast with Jam and strawberries.


Banana, slices of pepper and yogurt


Beef sloppy joe with mashed potatoes