Good afternoon families

After drop off at breakfast and circle time the kids helped me mix and make the Play-Doh for our projects at the end of the day.

After that we went outside for a play in the yard.

We came came back in for snack and to wind down and get ready for naptime. After a story they had naptime.

After nap time we had lunch and brought put the Play-Doh that we made earlier to do our ornaments.

The kids had a lot of fun doing that with me they all made their own handprint one and they helped put on the faces for the Snowman and press out all the Christmas trees as well.

And immediately after we were done we started to have pickups.

Breakfast: yogurt, whole wheat Shreddies with sliced banana.

Snack: sandwich meat crackers cauliflower and dip and cheese

Lunch: spaghetti sauce and Parmesan