Good afternoon families,

Sorry for the delay on the invoices, however I think I got most of them out today if you have any issues please contact me there were a lot of changes because of the Christmas holidays and used sick days, so be sure your invoice is correct. It has been brought to my attention that I marked off March 20th (I think I just accidentally hit the number 2 instead of the number 3 on my keyboard) for my closed date but I meant March 30th. So I will be closed March 30th which is the Good Friday leading into the Easter long weekend. I believe I will also be closed April the 2nd which is the holiday for the Easter long weekend.

This week I also plan to get done from April to September days off so you can expect those soon.

Today started off with drop offs and breakfast. And due to the Rainy wet weather we stayed indoors. They did drawings played with Play-Doh. I allowed them to run and chase each other indoors to get some exercise in. Of course played with costumes read many books and did our circle time.

We then had snack and got ready for naptime. After nap time we will have lunch. If the rain stops we will go outside if not I have a snowflake project I want to do with the kids for the windows.

Breakfast: cut up plums with scrambled eggs and buttered whole wheat toast

Snack: rice crackers with a tuna and cottage cheese mix. Yogurt and half a banana.

Lunch: clam chowder soup with a grilled cheese on whole wheat.