Good afternoon families,

I was very happy this morning for everything to be back to normal;) after breakfast and drop off and circle time,  the girls colored for a little while and then we all got outside right away. It was a beautiful morning and we all got a bit of sunshine, and did lots of running about.

After almost 2 hours outside we came in for a clean up snack and nap time.

After nap time we’ll have lunch and if the sunshine continues in the afternoon I might try and get them back outside or we will build a tent together and pull out the Play-Doh.

Breakfast: oatmeal with cooked in banana almond milk cinnamon and vanilla and a side of apple slices

Snack: cheese and crackers with imitation crab. Carrot sticks and hummus for dip

Lunch: grilled cheese on whole wheat with cucumbers and dip.