Good afternoon families,

I sent a email into Interior Health about having to switch my routine in the morning and they heard me. They called me and we came up with a compromise. I will bring the attendance into the kitchen. Problem with routine today was I didn’t see how it was going to be able to do hot breakfast and drop offs we’re going so well with the routine I have I was upset too change it.

Anyways long story short looks like I’ll be able to keep my regular routine with a few smaller changes.

After drop off we did try a different routine today and so the kids played with blocks with me on the floor until 8 am.

After 8 we all sat down at the table and had breakfast. The girls wanted to do some drawing after that and they played for 20 minutes. Then we did Circle time the color was pink and the number was 9.

We then got organized and our gear on to go outside.

Outside was once again lots of fun we were out for about an hour. The big girls found an empty nest in one of our trees in the yard. They had lots of fun trying to peek inside.

After that we got cleaned up had snack time.

After nap time and lunch I really want to get to the paintings today so it’ll be a priority this afternoon.

Breakfast: breakfast and snack wad the same as yesterday: multi-grain Cheerios with banana and a side of yogurt

Snack: Triscuit crackers ham and cheese with a side of cucumbers and dip

Lunch: tuna sandwiches on whole wheat with chicken noodle soup