Yesterday was a little different. I started off waking up with a very sharp chest cold thank you to everybody for being so understanding. So we stayed inside in the morning and then we had a scheduled yearly fire inspection with David. Everything went really well no issues.

Over my lunch break I informed families of our announcement please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions and starting next week will start focusing on the transition in 6 months.

Food was the same as the day before

Breakfast: yogurt granola and half a banana with apple slices

Snack: Triscuit crackers, cheese, sandwich meat and carrot sticks

Lunch: pasta with homemade sauce and ricotta cheese with onions and peppers chopped in.

Today was back to normal. After breakfast and drop off we headed outside. It was beautiful out the sun started shining and we spent a longer than usual time Outdoors.

After that we came back in for snack time and a story and nap time

Nap time was late about 12:30 so then we had lunch around 3.

After lunch the girls played. And did drawings and played with Play-Doh.

Breakfast breakfast: oatmeal with almond milk cinnamon and vanilla and a bit of brown sugar and milk

Snack: yogurt, cheese sticks, carrot sticks, and sweet potato crackers.

Lunch: mushroom soup and grilled cheese sandwich on whole-wheat.