Good afternoon families,

This will be the first full week in a while! A few things to note, first it’s Wynter’s birthday this coming Friday, I thought would make cupcakes or brownies with the kids we can bake it together and then we will eat it after lunch / nap time as a special treat for her big day. I also wanted to note that it’s very muddy and wet out. Looking at the forecast it seems like it’s going to continue through the week. If everybody could keep an extra eye on their child’s gear if it gets too muddy please take it home and give it a wash.

I will bring this up at pick up today, but the morning routine will have to change. Interior Health is not liking that I am feeding the kids immediately at drop off. They like to see the kids playing for the first 20 minutes so I can concentrate on things like the sign in sheet and checking in with parents. They also want to see me sitting with the kids while they eat. Therefore I’m going to change breakfast time to 8am that way a majority of the kids should be here. I will have to get creative about how to have the meals ready to go. I will have to keep them at regulated temperatures if I am not serving them immediately so everybody will see changes in the meal program and the routine in the morning. Tomorrow at drop off still wash your child’s hands and get all settled in but we will no longer be immediately going to the table. Thanks

Today after breakfast and drop off the kids did some coloring and then we had Circle time. Today’s color was brown the number was 7. After that we read a Berenstain bear book.

We then got all our gear on and went outside for about an hour and an hour and a half. Although it was a very wet and muddy the kids had a lot of fun.

After that we came inside got cleaned up and had snack. Right after snack time it was time to get ready for naptime.

After nap time I plan to do some painting with the kids and get them all to get something on their new art clipboards for the daycare. We also got all sorts of new toys over the weekend the kids have been enjoying this morning and I’ll bring them back out this afternoon.

Breakfast: whole wheat Cheerios with blueberries and a half a banana on the side and also a yogurt on the side.

Snack: Triscuit crackers with slices of cheese, cucumber slices and Ham.

Lunch: pasta with a homemade tomato sauce and parmesan