Good afternoon families,

After breakfast and drop off today we ended up staying indoors for the morning. One of the children couldn’t be far from the bathroom so we did lots of indoor stuff. Circle time, drawings, play with Play-Doh, lots of building with blocks, although we had to stay inside everybody was in great spirits and genuinely seemed to miss each other; playing well for the entire morning. They insisted that they wanted to play a little longer today so nap time was a bit late at 12:30.

In between there we had snack got cleaned up and ready for naptime.

After nap time we’ll have lunch and if we can we’ll go outside if not we’ll find something to do indoors today.

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana cinnamon almond milk and a side of sliced apples

Snack: cottage cheese, Triscuit crackers, carrot sticks and dip and half a banana

Lunch: chicken soup with whole wheat grilled cheese sandwiches