Good afternoon parents,

Super short week this week it’s already Friday! This morning after breakfast and drop off the kids did some coloring and played a few games. Then we did Circle time where we did the color white the number was 6.

After that we got all our winter gear on and went outside. Outside again for about an hour and a half. The kids had lots of fun with all the ice that compacted overnight. Lots of games in regards to who could get the bigger piece and who could get the bigger icicle. It was a fun morning outside.

We came back in got warmed up had a snack. And got cleaned up and storytime then nap time.

Heads up a few of the kids have colds, it doesn’t seem serious but a runny nose and a light cough.

Shortly here the kids will be getting up and we will have lunch.

I am finding it difficult to get the kids outside in time in the afternoons as it gets dark so quickly. Usually everyone isn’t finished eating and cleaned up until after 3pm and by that time it’s already getting dark out. Next week I will plan a few projects to work on in the afternoons to keep us busy;)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs half a banana and whole wheat toast with butter and strawberry jam.

Snack: carrots with hummus for dip. Cheese and crackers. Yogurt.

Lunch: special hot lunch with pierogies cheese and broccoli